[iPocketMiles/TripExpense] I can enter expenses for the first day of my trip, but how do I add additional day’s expenses?

To add another days’ expenses, press the “+” button while in the expenses screen for that trip. This will start another days’ expenses that will all be initially set to zero.

[iPocketMiles/TripExpense] How do I change a payment type or Currency type?

To change these fields, tap on the field you want to change so that the field becomes outlined in blue. Then use the left/right arrow keys to cycle through the various values until you see the setting you want.

[iPocketMiles/TripExpense] How do I get reciept photos into my trip information?

If your Apple device has a built in camera, you can photograph your receipts with your device after selecting/initiating the trip. If you do not use your apple device to photograph the receipts, you can import your photos into the photo viewing app built into your device, then in iPocketMiles/TripExpense you can select the receipt pictures from the photo roll.

[I’m Right Here!] Why is the altitude reading on my iPod not being displayed?

On iPods running iOS version 5.0 or earlier, the altitude was not available for display; in iOS v5.1 and greater the altitude information is, when known, included with the latitude and longitude.



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